What is Cinemas Club?

Cinemas Club is a Loyalty Program developed to reward the fidelity of Caribbean Cinemas’ clients. On each visit, you will accumulate 1 (one) point per dollar spent at ticket booth, concession or online purchases. Accumulated points may be redeemed for discounts on movie tickets, free concession items, among other prizes. 

How to become a member?

It is easy!


You can subscribe online on a computer or a mobile device. You must access 
www.cinemasclub.com and fill the registration form. As an online subscriber you won’t need the physical membership card. By showing your member’s code from your mobile device, you can start enjoying the benefits of the club.

You can start accumulating points on the same day of your subscription.

Now you are part of the Club that values and rewards your attendance!


Ask the theater manager for more information about the program.