You must follow policies below to become a member:

1. Program membership is open to individuals 16 years of age and older with identification.

2. Clients may have only one membership under his/her name.

3. As an online subscriber you won’t need the physical membership card. By showing your member’s code from your mobile device, you can start enjoying the benefits of the club.

4. Membership is not transferable, and ID could be requested randomly at ticket booth.

5. Member will accumulate points for all the transactions made that day.

6. To check balance, you must visit cinemasclub.com.

7. Points must be redeemed online, and proof of redemption must be presented at ticket booth or concession, as applies.

8. The membership card is property of Caribbean Cinemas. Use of this card constitutes agreement to the program terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change the terms of the Program and to rescind card privileges at any time without cause or prior notice.

9. Any claim, suggestion or comment should be addressed to customerservice@caribbeancinemas.com.

10. You are responsible for promptly informing us if your Cinemas Club card is lost or stolen by emailing customerservice@caribbeancinemas.com or notifying a manager. There is a fee of $5.00 for a new card.

11. Balance is not transferable to other members.

12. Benefit for discount in the Cinema Birthday package can be used up to twice a year.

13. The accumulated balance can be seen after 24 hours of the transaction.